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"we don´t want to do anything complicated" - owners quote / EDEN Florist

Alicja Jimenez | 22 Nov 2014
I kindly asked the owner if he would be able to work with me on a custom designed arrangements for my office - not an "Abonnament" as I already knew that he´s not interested in such a service. As an answer I received: "it´s Saturday and we don´t have the time". I reassured him that of course I would´t dare to ask him to take his time on a day as a Saturday. After I quickly showed him a picture of our reception and offered an invitation to see the office personally, I was showered with this lovely quote: "we don´t want to do anything complicated. And now that we have everything cleared GOODBYE!"
Yes, I got kicked out of store even before I was able to buy one of his existing arrangements!
This charming business owner could urgently use a customer service coach and learn how NOT to talk to clients.
I will not encourage anyone to buy flowers at EDEN.
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