Pneus Interpneu (NP)

verbally aggressed by manager

luca prete | 08 Nov 2016
This morning I went to the company Interpneu (5 Route de Thionville, 2611 Luxembourg) to change the tyres of my car. I have my winter tires there in stock and had fixed a RDV. However, I happened to make a mistake and went there the day before. I asked the manager whether it was still possible to do it, despite my error, since I had a busy week (daughter ill, family arriving at the airport etc) and the shop was at that moment empty. The manager told me it was impossible and to come back the following day because their schedule was full. He said they were waiting for a customer to arrive. I asked him whether I could stay outside and wait in case that customer did not show up or would be late. I said everything very politely (it was indeed my mistake to go on the wrong day). He started to be very very aggressive and told me (with words I do not repeat here) to leave and to come back the following day. I replied that I had understood that and that i would to that, but that i did not accept to be aggressed verbally. Especially since there was no reason for that. He got even more violent (verbally). So, I left. Once I have arrived at home I got a call from him telling me that I should go back and fetch my tires since they would not put them on, not even the following day or ever. At this period of the year, with everyone changing tires it is a very problematic situation
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