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Jon Gudnason | 08 May 2015
I have a Renault Grand Scenic III which I had to bring to the Renault Garage in Beggen due to injection problem.
When picking my car up, in the late afternoon on the 6th of May, the first thing that I noticed is a light flashing stating that Service is Required. I had full service in October. So I got back and ask the guy why this is and he offers me a replacement car so he can investigate the "problem". I told him that I just wanted him to remove this message since I just had serviced and that they must have made a mistake.
According to Renault Documentation the Service Required message does only appear if/when: "distance equal to 0 miles or service date reached". This indicates that the the mileage has been reset for no obvious reason.
When I got back the following morning, I meet the same guy and he claims that he has talked to his boss and that the Service Required message is due to that I do not have sensors that measure tire-pressure. I have had the message that tire pressure sensor is absent since I bought the car.So this cannot be true. He also claims that he cannot remove the message.
Bottom line: Those who serviced the car did reset the mileage aimed at getting me to pay for service which is not needed.
This is perhaps a minor incident but if this is a standard practice at this garage there can be many innocent victims out there.
Details in video
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We can confirm the following facts :
- The car was brought to us for an injection problem, which showed a "service required" indicator on the dashboard
- After the car was fixed, the "service required" indicator was still on as the wheels had been changed by the Client in Germany and the new wheels were not fitted with tyre pressure valves. Therefore, the car could not find the type pressure valves and indicate the tyre pressure alarm on the dashboard. Hence the "service required" indicator still on the dashboard
Conclusion : there was no intention of "fraud" from the Garage and nothing wrong was made.
Solution : we can make an offer to the Client to change or fix if possible the wheels so that the tyre pressure can be operational again
May 12,
2015 13:46:00
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